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The B.P.E.S degree is 3-year course.Students pursuing Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports the fundamentals of the physical education and its related aspects.Physical Education and Sports is the study, Practice and appreciation of the Art and Science of human movement. The goal of physical education is to provide instructional activities that not only encourage skill development and competence but also increase an individual's overall health. Movement is both innate and vital to a person's growth and development. In addition to playing a special role in education, physical education also functions as an integral component of the entire learning process.


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Course Structure/Syllabus

Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4

Salient Features

An aptitude to apply basic science information that may be pertinent and appropriate to physical education and sports sciences, resulting to the resolution of challenging sports-related challenges and problems.

Develop the capacity to evaluate the local and worldwide effects of sports, games, and physical activity on people, businesses, and society.

The salient features of this course is to make perfect and professional Teachers, Lecturers, Asst. Professors and Professors in various subjects.

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  • Physical Education Teacher.
  • Sports Officer.
  • Sports Assistant.
  • Coach.
  • Sports Therapist.
  • Gym Instructor.
  • Sports Psychologist.
  • Teachers at University, Institutions and Colleges.