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The Diploma in Fashion Design (DFD) is an art form where students learn about fashion and its technicalities. This degree also helps them develop their creativity and innovation. Students will learn about clothing and design, marketing and manufacturing, and the latest jewelry trends.


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Course Structure/Syllabus

Semester 1
Semester 2

Salient Features

The four basic ingredients or elements of design used in fashion are shape or silhouette, line, colour and texture. A silhouette can be described as the outline of the entire garment. This is the most obvious visual element of the garment. It creates the initial impact before any other details are noticed.

The salient features of this course is to make perfect and professional Teachers, Lecturers, Asst. Professors and Professors in various subjects.

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Fashion Designer.
Retail Buyer.
Rental Manager.
Fashion Stylist.
Jewellery and Footwear Designer.
Personal Shopper.
Makeup Artist.
Fashion Model.