B.Sc. in Interior Designing

About us:

B.Sc Interior Design is a 3 year undergraduate course where students learn to design comfortable spaces and deal with the planning and designing of the interiors of commercial or personal buildings, apartments or houses

Duration 3 years
Intake 60
Course Fees 30000
Eligibility Criteria 10+2 or equivalent

Integrated course available if any:  No.

Salient Features:

It has the duration of 3 years divided into 6 semesters. The course covers a number of subjects during its study period. B.Sc. mainly focuses on Astounding Colour palette Indian interiors are Hallmarked with the use of Vibrant colour Palettes and Furniture, Flooring Interior décor, Interesting Patterns and Motifs and Art and Paintings .

Key areas of study:

Students should have Completed 10+2 from any recognised board.

Program Education Objectives:

The B. Sc. Interior Designing program describe accomplishments that graduates are expected to attain within 3years after graduation.
1. Creatively problem solving for a wide range of physical interior environments, including residential, commercial, and for a diverse group of users.
2. Designs at different environmental scales from single rooms to more complex and even multi-storey facilities.
3. Developing layouts and details that integrate building services to ensure user’s comfort and efficient functioning of the interior space.
4. Conducting detailed study of the context and different users arrive at a clear Designing Program providing both qualitative and quantitative guidelines for designs.
5. Use of a wide range of materials and methods of interior construction and assemble in executing their designing ideas effectively and developing detailed drawings for the same layouts.
6. Selecting appropriate materials, providing specifications for finished goods and materials and estimating the quantities and cost of the project.

Program Outcomes:

On successful completion of the B. Sc. Interior Design program, the students should demonstrate,
1. A basic knowledge of Arts & Culture and an understanding of its impact on the Design of Interiors.
2. Understanding of the Basic Elements and Principles of Design and its application in 2D and 3D Interior Designs.
3. Knowledge of the development of Interior and Furniture Designs and Architecture throughout the History, and an understanding of its implications for design today
4. Ability to follow a Designing Process; to manipulate Form, Space, Colour, Lighting and Texture; and apply theoretical knowledge gained bydeveloping Interior Designing Solutions from projects.
5. Ability to plan and organise the Building Services effectively within the interior environment to improve safety, comfort, performance, efficiency and sustainable functioning of the built space
6. Practical Knowledge of Interior Material’s Selection & Specification, Assemblies, Construction detailing and execution.

Program Specific Outcomes:

After the successful completion of the B. Sc. Interior Design program, the students are expected to demonstrate,
1. Understanding the application of design theories and practices in the field of Interior Designing.
2. Ability to identify social, economic, environmental and cultural issues that they have been bearing while the Interior Designing Process.
3. A clear understanding of human needs and methods for researching user requirements, socio-economic factors and cultural contexts.
4. Application of knowledge of latest developments in materials and interior constructions and detailing practices to their design projects.
5. Following and inspiring high ethical values in professional practices.
6. Demonstration of sharp creative, technical, technological and critical thinking skills.

Industrial Partner:

Placement Opportunities:

o   Industrial & Graphic Designing
o   Art Directors
o   Interior Consultancy
o   Interior coordinator
o   Space Designing (residential / offices / commercial)
o   Floral Designers
o   Academic – Teacher

Job Scope:

  • Residential Interior Designer
  • Furniture designer
  • Showroom Designer
  • Fabric and Textile Specialist
  • Kitchen Designer
  • Bath Designer
  • Auto CAD technician / Design illustrator
  • Furniture Company Representative
  • Commercial interior designer
  • Education Designer
  • Lighting Designer

1st Semester B.Sc. in Interior Designing Syllabus

2nd Semester B.Sc. in Interior Designing Syllabus

3rd Semester B.Sc. in Interior Designing Syllabus

4th Semester B.Sc. in Interior Designing Syllabus

5th Semester B.Sc. in Interior Designing Syllabus

6th Semester B.Sc. in Interior Designing Syllabus

Course Features

  • Lectures 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Skill level All levels
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Yes