Diploma in Mining Engineering

About the Course:

Mining engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the practices, theories, technology, science and application of extraction and processing of mineral resources. The study also includes extraction of rare elements and metals.
Diploma in Mining Engineering is a 3-year diploma level course divided into 6 semesters. This course is for those students who have analytical minds and are hard working. The candidate desiring to do this course must have analytical thinking. Along with this, the candidate must be an industrious person, travel lover, adventurous, and must have a team spirit.
Diploma in Mining Engineering aims to teach students about extracting, discovering, and processing minerals. They also learn about the art of developing, building, maintaining, and surveying mines. In this course subjects like Mining Geology, Introduction to Mining, Mining Practices, Surface Mining, Blasting Techniques in Mines, Mine surveying practice, Mine Machinery, Rock Mechanics, and Ground Control are taught. Students can opt for higher studies after completing the course such as BE/BTech in Mining engineering, Master’s in mining engineering, etc.

Duration 3 Years
Intake 60
Course Fess 35200/-
Eligibility Criteria 10th or Equivalent

Integrated course available if any.



Salient Features:

The Mining sector in India is male-dominated as females are barred from taking up this course in almost all the colleges. Few colleges have started admitting female candidates to its mining engineering programs from the academic year 2016-17 onwards. Diploma Mining Engineering graduates usually earn more remuneration as compared to the other Diploma specializations in India. Mining engineers often earn an average salary of INR 4 to 6 lakhs annually. The salary of the  Diploma in Mining Engineering graduates primarily depends on the skills, experience, location, and the organization one works in.

Key areas of study:

Mining Geology, Basic Mechanical Engineering, Basic Electrical Engineering, Mining Machinery, Rock Mechanics, Mine Development, Ground Control, Surface Mining, Mineral Processing, Underground Coal Mining, Underground Mine Environment, Environmental Management in Surface Mines, Mine Safety & Legislation, Computer Applications in Mining, Mineral Deposits, etc

Program Education Objectives:

Our Diploma in mining engineering prepares our students for careers in or related to the mining industry.  Within three years of graduation, our students will:

1. To develop the analytical and logical aptitude amongst students to quickly adapt to new work environments, assimilate new information and problem solving.

2. Have a career in mining engineering or a related field taking into consideration global, sustainable and societal issues.

3. Be effective in communication, teamwork and creative thinking.

  1. Pursue advanced education and/or lifelong learning to support career development in a broad range of mining related fields.
  2. Engage in a safe, professional and ethical manner.

Program Outcomes:

Mining maintains a position of great significance, and there has been a growing demand for individuals who possess the necessary expertise in the market. The program equips students with the relevant practical and hands on training which allows them to develop the much needed training in preparation for their career.

1: Minerals Surveyor: An ability to carry out inspections on mining processes and on the quality of the minerals.
2: Geological Technicians: An ability to effectively apply scientific methods for effective geological mapping on mine fields.

3: Earth Drilling Experts: An ability to utilise various machineries and to carry out essential calculative strategies for earth drilling.


Mining Field Supervisors: Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.

Program Specific Outcomes:

After the successful completion of Diploma in Mining Engineering, the graduates will be able to:

1.    Find gainful employment and advance in their careers, in mining and related service sectors.

2.    Function ethically in a variety of professional roles such as mines manager, mine planner, production manager, mineral processing engineer, technical support representative and regulatory specialist and lead the organization competitively.

3.    Pursue advanced degrees in mineral-related fields both in post-graduate and research degrees.

4.    Utilize professional skills to become consultant and provide solutions to the practical problems of any organization.

Demonstrate an understanding of the critical role mining engineer’s play in society with respect to health, safety and the environment for ensuring sustainable development

Industry Partner:


Placement Opportunities:

The mining engineers have to possess certain skills to get proper placements in various mining and industrial sectors. Some of the skills are:

  • Engineering Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Project Management

They can get placement opportunities in various sector companies like:

  • Mining Companies
  • Mineral Processing Companies
  • Mineral Production Companies
  • TATA Steel

 Job Scope:


Jobs after pursuing Diploma in mining engineering are available in government, PSUs as well as private firms. Many enthusiasts also go on to pursue research in this field to explore different ways of mineral and resource extraction. Following are some of the jobs that are available in this field:

  • Junior Mining Engineer
  • Overman
  • Mining Engineering Technician
  • Mineral Sirdar
  • Mineral Explorer
  • Mine Surveyor
  • Technical Consultant
  • Drilling & Blasting Supervisor


1st Semester Diploma in Mining Engineering Syllabus

2nd Semester Diploma in Mining Engineering Syllabus

3rd Semester Diploma in Mining Engineering Syllabus

4th Semester Diploma in Mining Engineering Syllabus

5th Semester Diploma in Mining Engineering Syllabus

6th Semester Diploma in Mining Engineering Syllabus

2nd Semester Diploma in Mining Engineering Result
4th Semester Diploma in Mining Engineering Result
6th  Semester Diploma in Mining Engineering Result

Course Features

  • Lectures 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Skill level All levels
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Yes