Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering

Diploma in Computer Engineering is a course designed for students who wish to opt for a computer science course after class 10th studies.  It helps students acquire skills and knowledge to become IT professionals in the future. The course duration is of 3 years offered in various institutes in India. Diploma in Computer Engineering course covers basic topics like computer programming, operating system, networking, database, etc. After completion, you can work as a programmer, system analyst, cloud architect, and maintain computers for other organizations. You can even start your own IT company and work with other organizations.

Duration 3 years
Intake 60
Course Fees 35200/-
Eligibility Criteria 10th or Equivalent


 Integrated Courses available with this Course (If Any):  

Salient Features:

Diploma in Engineering is a two year professional programme for candidates wanting to delve deeper into the world of computer application development with the help of learning modern programming  programme is a blend of both theoretical and practical knowledge. An Diploma degree endows students’ an opportunity to work with tools meant to develop better and faster applications.

Key Areas of Study:

Program Educational Objectives(PEO):

Diploma in Engineering programme(CSE) of Shri Rawatpura Sarkar University, Raipur  will prepare its students:

PEO 1;Students  will have great and long vision careers in computer engineering fields or will be able to successfully pursue advanced degrees.

PEO 2:  Students  will able to provide the solutions of competitive problems by applying computer engineering theory and practices.

PEO 3:  Students  will communicate  strongly,  work  collaboratively and  provide high  levels   of professionalism.

Program Outcome(PO) :

PO1     Solve  simple  &  identified   engineering   problems   using   logarithm,   determinants  & trigonometry

PO2     Calculate area and volume of different shapes and bodies.

PO3     Solve simultaneous equations

PO4     Develop simple graph of sine & cosine functions

PO5     Use mathematical tools & software

PO6     Communicate effectively verbal as well as in writing in English

PO7     Comprehend given passage and summarize them.

PO8     Draft official letters.

PO9     Apply correct voice and prepositions in formal communication.

PO10  Make sentence using connector for desire meaning.

PO11  Develop presentation skills.

PO12  Face oral examination and interviews.

Program Specific Outcome(PSO):

PSO1 Apply the knowledge of computer application to find solutions for real-life application.

PSO2 Computer  Software  and  Hardware  Usage:Use state-of-the-art technologies for operation and application of computer software and hardware.

PSO3 Utilize skills and knowledge for computing practice with commitment on social, ethical, and legal values.

PSO4 Computer Engineering Maintenance : Maintain computer engineering related software and hardware systems.

Placement Opportunities:

Job Scope:

  1. Hardware Engineer.
  2. Software Developer.
  3. Database Engineer.
  4. Web Designer and Developer.
  5. Technical Writer.
  6. IT Architect.
  7. System Analyst
  8. Software Consultant
  9. Software Tester
  10. Network Engineer
  11. Social Media Manager
  12. Quality Assurance Manger

Course Features

  • Lectures 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Skill level All levels
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Yes