PhD in Yoga Science

About The Course:

After completing Master’s program in Yoga, one may take up Doctoral level program such as Yoga Science. This course will be of help to students who are interested in Research. If you want to become a Researcher in the field of Yoga you may pursue this academic program. This is Essential qualification for academic assignment in universities and colleges.

Duration 3 years
Intake NE
Course Fees 285000/-
Eligibility Criteria as per UGC norms

Salient Features:

The Ph.D. in Yoga Degree is designed to fulfil the global requirement of the research in the field of Yoga Health & Wellness. A research scholar may successfully submit his research work in the form of thesis to address the requirements of major challenges in concern area. It also opens the doors of Post-Doctoral research and to establish a research centre & start the publication in the form of preferred journals.

Key Area of Study:

  • The Ph.D. program has been designed to meet the requirements of the contemporary era & to face the challenges in front of society & mankind. Time to time there is such kind of urgency which seeks the immediate solution from the intelligentsia and academia. The Ph.D. program in Yoga is essential effort for such kind of need & aspirations.

Program Education objective:

To develop a research oriented insight among the research scholar to revel the

Program Outcome :

Being awarded with Ph.D. the candidates will be able to establish themselves as a researcher, senior project fellow, post doctorate fellow, founder of research centre, and research publications. According to the new education policy Ph.D. is essential qualification for the academic job in universities and colleges so the PhD degree is very important achievement and it opens the golden opportunities in both areas – teaching and research. After a successful award of PhD the candidate becomes PhD supervisor/guide for other scholar and this way the flow of research in higher education blows towards its goals.

Program Specific Outcome:

A candidate having PhD degree in Yoga opens the new dimensions of teaching and research in every walk of yoga discipline and profession. It is a sincere exercise to get future of aspirant and to provide the best services to the mankind and society buy the yogic wisdom and practices.

Placement Opportunities & Job Scope:

A candidate having PhD degree in Yoga can be placed as assistant professor in Degree College and universities in India and abroad. The candidate must save his future in the field of yoga research to be engaged in a research project and by opening research centre or running yogic institutions and many more. This is the higher degree in Yoga so it has many opportunities and undefined possibilities for the candidate for a higher future.

1st Semester PhD in Yoga Science Syllabus

2nd Semester PhD in Yoga Science Syllabus

3rd Semester PhD in Yoga Science Syllabus

4th Semester PhD in Yoga Science Syllabus

5th Semester PhD in Yoga Science Syllabus

6th Semester PhD in Yoga Science Syllabus

Course Features

  • Lectures 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Skill level All levels
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Yes