M.A. Psychology

About the Course:

Master of Arts in Psychology is a postgraduate course which is completed in two years, spread across four semesters. The programme is dedicated to psychology and students enrolled in the course study about human behaviour and human psychology

Duration 2 years
Intake 30
Course Fees 19000/-
Eligibility Criteria Graduation or Equivalent

Salient Features:

The salient features of this course is to make perfect and professional Psychologist in various fields.

Key areas of study:

There are so many areas to be studied in this course like Cognitive Processes, Developmental Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Personality Psychology etc.

Program Education Objectives:

Basic objectives of this course is as follows: Imparting knowledge of basic psychological concepts and models and developing ability to apply this knowledge in field setting. Developing Psychological sensitivity and social sensibility so that students can respond empathically to human subjectivity and critically to social institution. Encouraging self-understanding, reflection and personal growth.

Program Outcomes:

After successful completion of this course, student should be able to understand basic professional skills, psychological testing, assessment and counselling. Understand how Psychology can be applied to solve problems of human being.

Program Specific Outcomes:

Program specific outcome of this course is knowledge about the discipline and research methods. Articulation of Ideas, scientific writing and authentic reporting. Self-development and personal growth. Developing positive attributes such as empathy, compassion, optimism, social participation and accountability.

Industry Partner:

Placement Opportunities:

A graduate in Psychology can seek jobs in various sectors such as private industry, universities, schools & colleges, clinics and hospitals. Psychology graduates can also work in sectors such as in health centres and rehabilitation centres.

Job Scope:

Job opportunities in this course is as Psychologist, Instructor Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Health Psychologist and Occupational Psychologist.

1st Semester M.A. Psychology Syllabus

2nd Semester M.A. Psychology Syllabus

3rd Semester M.A. Psychology Syllabus

4th Semester M.A. Psychology Syllabus

2nd Semester M.A. Psychology Result 
4th Semester M.A. Psychology Result 
6th  Semester M.A. Psychology Result

Course Features

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  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Skill level All levels
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  • Assessments Yes