B.A. Hons. Economics

About The Course:

BA honors in Economics take into consideration the detailed study of both the macro and micro aspects of economics. The course covers the definition, scope, limitations, concepts, utility, production, market, and other major/minor aspects of economics.

Duration 3 years
Intake 60
Eligibility Criteria 10+2 or Equivalent



Salient Features:

In the three year duration of BA program student will cultivate the sensibility to discern the evolution of civilizations and cultures. They will also be up to date with contemporary developments and develop a sensibility to critically understand the phenomena that affects their lives. Students also learn two languages along with three major subjects. At the end of the programme, they usually will have advanced reading, writing, speaking, interpretive and composition skills in both languages.

Key areas of study:

The undergraduate economics program at Shri Rawatpura Sarkar University seek to create persons who are eager and prepared to know the economy of their nation and world. Our curriculum is designed to equip students with the different types of knowledge and skill necessary for them to achieve further advancement and specialization in the field.
The current structure aims to impart basic knowledge of economics via core papers, specialized areas are introduced in the discipline centered course and the students are exposed to the application possibilities via skill based courses. The course also includes papers that have been designed to cater to interested students who are chosen other subjects as their primary area of study at the undergraduate level. The General Electives offer a wide array of basic economics at the undergraduate level.
The program designed as it acquaints students with the economy in which they live and provides them with an understanding of how economics relates to the other social sciences. Our choice of teaching methods has the goal of promoting the cognitive development of our students. We seek to create ethical persons who think like economists and want to serve society and further social justice.

Program Education Objectives:

  1. Train students with basic theory of all papers.
  2. Equip students with the mathematical and statistical techniques necessary for a proper understanding of all the chosen discipline.
  3. Discuss real world issues and problems facing the country and the world.
  4. Enable students to understand proper policy responses to problems.
  5. Train students to collect primary data and learn sampling techniques.
  6. Train students to use statistical methods to arrive at conclusions about the validity of

Program Outcomes:

The B.A. Economics programme provides a firm basis for much of the advanced thinking in the Economics discipline. It provides the student with a logical paradigm for modelling and interpreting the behaviour and interactions of households, firms, and government institutions.
The programme is consistent with global standards in the Economics discipline. It offers training that is comparable to that of an undergraduate student at the world’s best universities.
Upon successfully completing the programme, a student will be awarded the degree of Bachelor of Arts.

Program Specific Outcomes:

Learning :

Upon completion of this programme, a student will have the necessary skills to understand and analyse in a logical manner all major economic phenomena. A  student  will  be  able  to  analyse  government  policies  and  regulations  and  demonstrate  their  significance.  Knowing  how  an  economy  functions,  and  how  decisions are made by consumers, producers, and regulators, the student will have the necessary skills to identify, analyse, and solve problems in a logical and efficient way.  The  programme  provides  the  basic  ingredients  of  economic  theory  and  the  opportunity to learn how to process and analyse economic data based on sound  statistical principles, in order to arrive at economically meaningful conclusions.



On graduating the students will be eligible for employment in all the choosen subjects. Students also become employable in non-governmental organizations. Their skills in comprehension of general social phenomena around them places them in ideal situation for such jobs. They will also be able to appear for competitive exams conducted for public sector jobs.


Humanities education is designed in such a way that it lays particular emphasis on human values. Students on completion of the undergraduate degree will be better able to appreciate the literacy and cultural diversity. It equips them to think critically about the issues of contemporary relevance and hold an informed opinion on them.

Industry Partner:


Placement Opportunities:

SRU Conducts campus interviews in the University from time to time, which increases the job prospects of the students.

Job Scope:

The curriculum allows students to choose elective courses from a set of courses with contemporary relevance, thereby offering students the flexibility to prepare for careers in academia, law, management, journalism, government, and many other fields.

1st Semester B.A. Hons. Economics  Syllabus

2nd  Semester B.A. Hons. Economics  Syllabus

3rd Semester B.A. Hons. Economics  Syllabus

4th Semester B.A. Hons. Economics  Syllabus

5th Semester B.A. Hons. Economics  Syllabus

6th Semester B.A. Hons. Economics  Syllabus

2nd Semester B.A. Hons. Economics Result
4th Semester B.A. Hons. Economics Result
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Course Features

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  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Skill level All levels
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Yes