B.A. History

About The Course:

BA History or Bachelor of Arts in History is an undergraduate course to study the evolution of human civilization from prehistory to the present times. This 3 to 4-year degree offers detailed research of major historical events that took place within a country and across the world.

Duration 3 years
Intake 60
Course Fees 14000/-
Eligibility Criteria 10+2 or Equivalent

Salient Features:

One can go for higher degree programme (M.A.,M.Phil) in respective subjects. The B.A. in History prepares students for course in History,law and other. The B.A. hon. Degree course enable the students to develop a deep understanding of the evolution of human civilizations done the ages,i.e., from the pre-historic to the recent times. the degree course study also helps in awarding the students with the socio-economic and cultural and heritage of India and the world.

Key areas of study:

Interpreting servey,Palaeolithic,Mesolithic,Neolithic,harappan civilization,vedic, period, Magadha, mahajanpadas, Iranian, Macedonian, Alexander,  Jainism, Buddhism, mauryan, ashoka, sangam age ,shak, kushan, satvahana.

Program Education Objectives:

The objective of the programme is to prepare the students with a new vision to all the under graduate course of history. It imbibes a learning outcome –based curriculum framework for the all under graduate programme in history to be adopted by different universities.
The CBCS approach is envisioned to provide a focused, outcomes-based syllabus at the undergraduate level with an agenda to structure the teaching-learning experiences in a more student –centric manner. CBCS approach has been adopted to strengthen students experiences as they engage themselves in the programme of their choice.The under-graduate programme will prepare the students for academia and also prepare them to use this knowledge for employment.
The given programme elaborates its nature and promises the outcomes that are to be accomplished by studying the course. The programme also state the attributes that it offers to inculcate at the graduation level.The graduate attributes encompass valves related to well- being, emotional stability,critical thinking,social justice and also skill for employability the programme prepare students for sustainability and life lifelong learning. This also tries to change perception towards studying History.

Program Outcomes:

Student enrolled in the programme complete a curriculum that exposses and trains students in a full range of essential skill and abilities.they will have the opportunity to master the following objectives.

  • To learn a basic narrative of historical event in a specific rigion of the world in a specific time frame
  • To articulate factual and contrxtual knowledge of specific places and time,to make careful comparison (across time,space and culture )
  • To understand and evaluate different historical ideas,various arguments and point of view.
  • To deveolop and appreciation of themselves and of other through the study of the past in local,regional,national and global context.
  • It instills an appreciation of the uniquinces of visual evidence and cultivate the particular skill of visual evidence to understands human activity of the recent and distant past.

Program Specific Outcomes:

The main focus in the History Course at the UG level is on the stages the growth of human civilizations and the evolution of social systems and on cultural and scientific development. The main aims outlined for history teaching are


1. To promote an understanding of the processes of change and development through which human societies have evolved to their present stage of development.

2. To promote an understanding of the common routes of human civilizations and an appreciation of the basic unity of mankind.

The University offers Undergraduate Honours and General Course in History. The outcomes of this Course are as follows: Students who complete the History Honours might come up the following knowledge and skills:

1 Learn a basic narrative of historical events in a specific region of the world in a specific time frame

2 Distinguish between primary and secondary sources

3. Understand and evaluate different historical ideas, various arguments, and  points of view.

4 . Evaluate competing interpretations and multiple narratives of the past.

5. Gather and assess primary historical evidence.

6. Compile a composite bibliography.

7. Present clear and compelling arguments, based on critical analysis of diverse historical sources.

8. Articulate factual and contextual knowledge of specific places and times, to make careful comparisons (across time, space, and culture) and to discern how each generation (including theirs) uses the past for present purposes.

9. Students should understand academic honesty, a concept presented to them in all history classes.

10. Students should understand the basic skills that historians use in research.

11. Students should understand the basic skills that historians use in writing.

12. Students should understand the basic tools of historical analysis. 13. Students should understand the value of diversity.

14. Students should develop a secular outlook towards society.

15. Students should believe in the equality of man irrespective of caste, creed, religion and colour.

16 . Students should learn to believe in the ideas of religious toleration.

Industry Partner:No

Placement Opportunities:

Job Scope:

  • Travel and tourism expert
  • Writer/subject matter expert
  • Social worker
  • Teacher
  • Public service.

1st Semester B.A. History Syllabus

2nd Semester B.A. History Syllabus

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4th Semester B.A. History Syllabus

5th Semester B.A. History Syllabus

6th Semester B.A. History Syllabus

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Course Features

  • Lectures 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Skill level All levels
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Yes