SRU is Among the BEST

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Shri Rawatpura Sarkar University views the world and the traditional educational programs differently. Our strengths include topics that will matter in the next global economy, Shri Rawatpura Sarkar University has gained eminence in making every one of our alumni “industry prepared”. Our students have picked up work in different expert jobs and regions over the globe. From overseeing inns to finding new medications for helping patients in emergency clinics to investigating the securities exchange, your SR University degree can prompt different and compensating vocation ways. You will also learn from experienced teaching staff and be exposed to some of the industry’s top employers through opportunities such as field trips, internships, real-life scenarios and practical assignments, guest lectures from industry professionals and networking events. Shri Rawatpura Sarkar University’s curriculum is based on the framework of strategic competitiveness, which teaches the concepts of creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability, leadership, and incisive decision making. Students will learn how to compete and create transformative changes in their profession.

Affordable Higher Education

Offering one of the biggest financial aid programs to support students.
At SRU, deserving students can avail scholarships worth over Rs. 6 Lacs.
On-campus part-time work opportunities to help students earn while learning.
Study Grant program to support brilliant students to study in premier institutions.

Complete Lifestyle in one Campus

Focusing on overall personality development, the University conducts many international and national level events to usher leadership, teamwork, and analytical skills in students.
Multiple campus student clubs provide an opportunity for the students to unravel and showcase their skills.
1000+ activities per year are being organized at the campus to give students a chance to learn beyond classrooms.
SRU campus has been graced by eminent personalities from Industry, Academia, Government, Sports, Cultural, and Film industries.

Experienced and Expert Faculties

  • Highly qualified faculty from premier institutions with strong research credentials.
  • Very professional faculty with top industry experience.
  • Faculty involved in international and national research, consultancy and training programs.
  • Medical faculty from a very strong medical background and involved in various research projects.
  • Sharp vision for research scholars.

Fill The Gap Between Educational Institutions And Industries

  • Industry-sponsored & collaborated labs on campus.
  • 50+ MoU with industry, research associations, etc. to promote research.
  • Training program organized with the collaboration of industries.
  • Project work with the collaboration of industries.
  • Involvement of industry professionals in evaluation of internships and projects, etc
  • Industry based training, and research program

Build the fresher's Ready for Industries

The environment created at the very initial level to be familiar with
industries, hospitals, businesses, etc.
Moot court for law students.
True professionalism.
Various programs to train the students with the collaboration of
industries, hospitals.
Time to time visiting tour organized at various campuses of world’s top
companies to enhance their knowledge and get known about trending

A Creative Environment to Shape Your Future Globally

  • Campus environment is well suited for national as well international students.
  • Offering one of the biggest programs to support students financially.
  • Focusing on overall personality development in the very healthy campus life of SRU.
  • The University conducts many international and national level events for teamwork and analytical skills in students.
  • Campus with facilities like swinging, supermarket, very affordable and healthy residential complex.
  • The spiritual development of students. Sports complex to develop their physical growth.