Scholarship opportunities at SRU

Merit and Other Scholarships– (The academic year 2021-2022) 


1. Following are the details of Merit scholarship –


The merit scholarship is awarded based on the student’s overall percentage in the qualifying test/exam, as calculated by the following criteria: –


S.No. Aggregate Percentage Range in qualifying exam Scholarship Percentage on Tuition Fee per year
1 75% to 84%  in qualifying exam 10%
85%  and above 20%


2. Other Scholarship available:

2.1. “Unnat Bharat Abhiyan” scholarship

Students who live in nearby villages and admit to the SRU’s course will be eligible for a 20% scholarship on tuition fee, which is based on their academic qualifications.

   2.2 Amar Jawan Scholarship

Students who lost a parent while serving in the security forces/police of the country will earn a 40% special scholarship on their tuition fees. (According to their academic records) 

3. Girl child Scholarship:-

For a 50% scholarship (on the tuition fee only), the only single girl child is eligible for this scholarship, if two girls are eligible for this scholarship, then this scholarship will be divided into 02 equal parts (25% each) and on the basis of their academic records, this scholarship will be extended until/end of the course. In the future, if one girl performs/carries a good academic record in the next session, she will be eligible for the 50% scholarship.

4. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scholarship: –


For a 10% Scholarship (on the tuition fee), the girls are eligible only, who take admission in the University and have secured with 70 % or above on the qualifying exam.


Term and conditions of above-written Scholarship:-

  1. This scholarship is only applicable to students/candidates who have taken admission to Shri Rawatpura Sarkar University or related institutions/schools for the session 2021-22.
  2. The Scholarship will only be applicable to the course tuition fees.
  3. Per semester/year, the student must maintain a minimum of 75% attendance and appear on both CT.
  4. Each student is only eligible for one SRU scholarship.
  5. If a student fails any subject in any semester or year, the scholarship will be revoked immediately.
  6. If the recipient does not maintain a decent code of conduct and is caught/found ranging, eve-teasing, or engaged in any criminal behavior, the scholarship will be revoked.
  7. The scheme is only applicable to Indian residents/citizens.


At any time, Shri Rawatpura Sarkar University, Raipur (C.G.) reserves the right to grant or withdraw the scholarship scheme in part or in full.