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University Hostel

SRU has 3 Hostel for accommodation students of undergraduate & Post-graduate courses.. There are Two hostels are for boys and 1 hostel is for girls. These hostels have adequate capacity and are equipped with facilities like mess and proper security. There is also facility for accommodation of Post-graduate girl students adjacent to the Doctors quaters.

University Facts

Residential Suites: All the residential halls contain bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. Well ventilated and spacious, each room comes with adequate lighting facilities.

SRU University Hostels - a home away from home, offers both on campus (Shri Rawatpura University) and off campus accommodations (in different locations in Chhattisgarh) for the admitted students. The residential arrangements are separate for boys and girls. University accommodations are managed by the Hostel Management Division. The facilities we provide are guided strictly by the sense of comfort and quality life for our students.