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University Auditorium (Astha Manch)

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University Auditorium (Astha Manch)

SRU is a culturally rich University of Chhattisgarh. It is also an educational “ Hub ”. SRU is one of the reputed institutions of CG which has a compact Auditorium with all the modern amenities required for any performing art. It has a capacity of precisely 163 seats and it is very convenient as well as it gives a joyful experience to any performer due to its good “ Acoustics ”.

The Auditorium facilitates performances like Dance, Musical Concerts, One-Act Plays, Interviews, Mono-Acts, Lectures and Presentations etc.

“Shri Rawatpura University” Campus is a delight to see. One sees hundreds of original works of Art permanently displayed in common areas & monumental sculptures in marble, granite, mild steel or stainless steel in open areas. There is so much of world class curricular & extra curricular activities throughout the year that the city folks of the Region eagerly awaits for each event. The largest Amphitheatre of India at SRU Campus becomes witness to ever bubbling energies of youth. There is no barrier between students & higher authorities in this Campus. .